Tread New Paths

"You will never stub your toe standing still.... also, you will never go forward."

I love this quote and hate this quote at the same time. Standing still is so safe. If I do exactly what I have done, then I know I can accurately predict the results and expect the outcomes I have gotten before. This is comfort for us. And we love comfort. 

As a leader, comfort should not be our objective. Comfort should flare up in our mind like a warning signal that something is wrong and we are not safe. This might seem odd to you, but allow me to give an example. 

I was talking with the CEO of a company the other day on the phone and he was telling me about a business account that he was working on. He had been working on the project for months and felt really good about the outcome. As the phase of the project was coming to a close, he felt that he had the opportunity to get the contract for the next phase, which would be very good for both he and his company. I asked him when he was going to inquire about the possibility getting that next phase and he said he would wait until they delivered results for the last push of the project. This way, they could come with their best foot forward and present their case. It was logical... and comfortable. I reminded him that his job as the leader of his company was to ensure the stability and future for the company and his employees. This means he is going to need to break the comfort barrier and have a conversation sooner than he feels "comfortable" with. Guess what? He did. He had the conversation, was able to pitch a little for the next phase, and found out that the project was looking to employ oversees in order to save money. The CEO had stepped out of his comfort zone in order to learn that he needed to diversify his next project options because the contract was not guaranteed, and now he is more informed and prepared for the future of the company and his people. 

As a leader, it doesn't matter your field, you are constantly going to fight the battle of comfort vs discomfort. When you are comfortable, you aren't going to stub your toe... but you also are not going to grow and move your personal and professional leadership forward. 

This falls right in line with the Law of the Rubberband from "15 Invaluable Laws of Growth". If you are looking to have your company and people grow, click the link below and we can discuss coaching for specific people or speaking to a larger group.