Are you still lacking vision in leadership?

"If your vision doesn’t compel, move or stir people, your vision is too small."  - Craig Groeschel

One of the common buzzwords in leadership is vision. It sounds awesome an a sentence. "I just need to worry about our vision"... "now that we have a clear vision we can move forward"... "I don't think they followed her because her vision". Normally I would go against the grain of buzzwords and feel that they are over used and cliche, but the term vision is perfect for leadership. 

What do you think of when you think of vision? My first thought is clarity. This is probably due to the fact that my actual eye sight stinks and there for the clarity at which I see things without my glasses is limited to about 4 inches in front of my face. In a leadership setting though the clarity of the persons vision is paramount. If you are a follower and your leader said "we are going to do this" and you asked for some details and they said "just trust me" you would be skeptical. The reason is this would communicate to you that there is no clarity in their vision. 

Vision also comes with the notion of foresight. A leader must use vision to look forward and see what is next. To anticipate others movements and navigate around obstacles that are ahead. It feels a lot like driving. You don't really think about it after a years of driving, but you begin to have an intuition about the car that swerves a little too much or the truck that you feel could merge into your lane. Your job is to stay vigilant to those details, not only on the road, but in leadership as well. 

Finally, vision has a characteristic of vulnerability. Just like you can find yourself loosing your vision or having it taken away in an accident, a leaders vision can be crushed. Just try to put on a blind fold and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A leader who has their vision taken away will falter. They will stumble. They will start to become discouraged. But the true test of leadership will be their resilience. Will they adapt and learn to have a new form of vision? Will they learn skills that could bring their dream back into focus? 

Think about these questions for you as a leader.

  • Do you have a vision?

  • Is your vision clear?

  • Does it have range?

  • Are you actively looking out for obsticles?

  • When was a time that your vision was taken away? How did it make you feel?


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