The Number One Secret To Building Trust

"Consistency breeds confidence and trust."

It is not revolutionary, but in the world today think about who you trust completely. I bet you can only count the number of those you put your inner circle on one hand. 

Trust is something that we can give and take. It can be given to us and it makes us feel good. It can also be taken away or even lost forever. Trust in this mindset is a commodity. A commodity can be earned. So this begs the question... how do we build and earn trust? 

There is a sure fire way to build trust. Consistency. This magic thing helps build trust every single time. It might not start off as trust, but rather it starts with confidence. Confidence is the prequel to trust. 

I was working with a key leader at a non profit that was struggling to understand the concept of consistency. The feedback that he was receiving was all pointing to the lack of trust people had in his decision making. He couldn’t understand why his people did not trust him. He felt he was a very trustworthy person. As we dove deeper into his feeling it was revealed that he felt his position in leadership should grant him trust from his followers. This is a common trap leaders fall in to. We talked about some of the decisions he was making and I asked him to put himself in his followers shoes. We talked about the last 3 decisions he had made. He came to the realization that all 3 decisions had been changed at the last moment... by him! He saw that he had a habit of changing his mind at the last moment and this resulted in the perception that he was inconsistent.

Are you a consistent leader?  

When people work with you, do they know what they are getting?

If you have received the feedback that people don’t trust you or feel that you are not having the impact you want in the workplace, it might be time to bring in a coach. Click the link below to get more info.