How to Unleash Your People

“At Apple, our most important resource, our soul, is our people.” - Apple Credo


I was a brand new employee at Apple. Honestly it was not my first choice of work. I had applied to 3 other retailers and because of my background and experience believed I was a shoe in for a job. I applied to Apple on a whim and never thought I would get a call back on it. Well lo and behold, they were the only ones that called me back! In my first week I heard a lot of things. Things about the company. Things about the culture. One of the strongest things that I heard was their belief about their people from a small fold out piece of paper that is called the Apple credo. It reads “At Apple, our most important resource, our soul, is our people.” This struck me so hard and gave me such a sense of pride, I had no problem dedicating my professional life for the next 2 years to the company. 

Why did that have such a huge impact on my job? Because in that statement, I mattered the most. 

In your company, do your people matter the most? And if you said yes, do they know it?


Here are three easy things to help you reinforce the concept of people first.  

1. Tell your people they are your greatest asset.  

Words matter. If you are thinking to yourself “my people just know” then chances are, they don’t. Vision leaks. This means you have to consistently re-fill your people’s vision for their importance.

2. Your people should be the most informed.  

Nothing is worse then hearing something about the place you work from someone who doesn’t work there. Think about the last time you were last to hear something. Did it feel great? No. Because no one likes to have vested interest in something and feel like they are ill informed.  

3. Give your people a voice.  

Do you have an outlet for feedback? If you do, are you paying attention to it?  Do you have a forum for discussion and question asking? In the younger workforce today, your people will not simply speak up uninvited when something is wrong... they will just leave. 



If you find yourself justifying your actions around your people, or think that your leaders could use a tune up on the value of people, click the link below and consider bringing in someone from our team to help.