Misconceptions About Vision Statements

"If your vision doesn’t compel, move or stir people, your vision is too small."  - Craig Groeschel


Vision statements seem like this daunting task that takes time and energy. On one hand, a well crafted vision statement can be honed in over years. However, the most important steps of building the foundation of a vision statement can take as little as an hour.

 Here are some of our top misconceptions about vision statements:

1. Vision statements are set in stone

While it is not recommended to change a vision every 6 months, to think that you cannot change your vision ever would be too extreme. A vision is the ideal future. Once you reach that future, it is time to aim for the next.  

2. Confusing the vision statement with the mission statement. (More on mission statements in another post)

A mission statement is for the now. Think of it as your stepping blocks to get to your vision. A vision statement, as stated above, is your ideal future. 

3. Vision statements are only for big companies.

A vision statement is not only for big companies. Small to mid size companies benefit greatly from having a vision statement. They also are not constrained to companies. In fact, you can write one for your life, marriage or hobby. A vision statement is a great tool for all parts of your life to give you that future picture. 

4. Vision statements have to be detailed.

 Vision statements are best when they are not extremely detailed. Just like with our human vision, when a picture is far away we see only a fraction of the view. As we get closer and closer it sharpens and our view becomes more and more detailed.


These are just a few of the vision statement misconceptions. Remember that a vision statement is a reflection of your future self. Don’t limit your dreams. 

If you find yourself needing someone to help you clarify your vision or want to have your people go through a training to help clarify their vision, our team would love to help. Click the link below to contact us today.