The One Thing Most Teams Aren't Doing

Learning to celebrate success is a key component of learning how to win in the market.
— Doug Conant

When I was in school for my undergrad, I took a class called Leadership and Group Dynamics. It turned out to be one of my favorite classes ever! One day in class, my professor taught us the Tuckman’s Group Development Model. Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning. All groups and teams go through this model at some level, but the one step that gets left out consistently is Adjourning.

Have you ever worked increadibly hard on a project? I mean really poured your soul into it. Watched it grow from an idea, to development, to action, but at the end of it all there was no fanfare. I learned early on that celebrating the wins is important. I associated Adjourning as celebrating.

When I was doing programming for a large camp in Missouri, we had a staff training week. This was the week we got the camp prepared for the kids and our staff prepared to lead activities. I inherited the schedule for activities from the previous programs person and found a talent show at the end of the week. I was curious about this particular event. We could have done anything at the end of our time, but we had a talent show. Why? It took me 3 years to figure out that the talent show was our celebration. Our Adjourning.

Are you taking the time to celebrate?

Burnout is becoming more and more a reality in the workplace. I think this stems from many factors, but most importantly is the lack of celebration.

3 easy ways to celebrate wins with your people.

  1. After a project is completed, give out fake awards.

    • This one sounds crazy, but really it is so much fun. Think of awards that will remind people of the hard work they put in. An example might look like “The Aretha Award”, given to the person most likely to sing a song out loud while working. The goal here is to laugh, remember, and celebrate the work, not humiliate.

  2. Gather the team together for a group photo and thank them.

    • This serves two purposes. The first is to gather everyone together and thank them. Celebrate their hard work with your words and tell them how proud you are. The second is to commemorate the team with a photo they can all have as a token. This will help them remember the time and the wins.

  3. Break bread together.

    • There is something magical about getting a group together for a meal. Set it up as a time of celebration and gratitude. Memories will be shared around the meal and a spirit of camaraderie is created.

Does your team celebrate the wins? Are you architecting moments for your teams benefit? If this is hard for you or you feel your team is not in a healthy place, consider bringing in Leadership Cohort to help. Click the link to contact us.


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