Bringing People With You

There is no event in your day that cannot be used for people development.
— Jack Welch

I record a 60 second leadership video every day. I call it the Minute Leadership Huddle. It has been a fun experience so far and I am only learning more with every comment and like.

Last week, I needed to record my video and my 4 year old son was home. So I took the moment to bring him with me. For the video I posted I edited out the end, but for you I am going to show the full clip. Enjoy!

After we finished recording my son said, “Can I record my video?” Of course I said ABSOLUTELY and got ready for the magic. Below is what he did. Keep reading because this isn’t just about cute kids!

I promise you, there was no scripting and I did not put him up to that. I simply took him with me and this is what happened.

There is a lot here. If I had not brought him along to be a part of what I was doing, he would have never recorded this video. Yes, he did confuse 60 seconds with 60 minutes, but he watched me record my video (with commentary at the end) and then recorded his very own based off of my example. He watched, learned and followed my lead. The crazy thing is, it would have never happened if I had not brought him with me.

The Lesson

As a leader, you are not perfect. You are going to make mistakes, but that is not a reason to fail to bring people with you. When you give them the experience to watch you lead, you will mold them. When they watch you succeed, they will learn how to succeed. When they watch you fail, they will learn what not to do and how to act when they don’t succeed at something.

A key factor in bringing someone with you is to debrief afterward. Feel free to share what you did right and why. Don’t be afraid to say what you did wrong and why. Watching you learn and grow will instill in them a desire to learn and grow.

The quote at the top says a lot. “There is no event in your day that cannot be used for people development.” This is so true!

The Wins

  • Bringing someone along helps you to stay on top of your game. (After all… they are watching)

  • People learn faster and with more understanding when they experience something.

  • It will create a culture of knowledge transfer.

  • It will create a sense of honor in the person you bring along.

The Danger

  • You might fail big time and fail to debrief, leaving them to wonder why you are the leader in the first place.

  • Remember to take them along when it is beneficial for their development, not when it is convenient for you.

  • As needed, remember to inform your superiors and peers of your actions. It is possible to handcuff someone from saying what needs to be said in a meeting due to your +1.

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