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Decoding Delegation

Decoding Delegation is an online course that takes the mystery out of delegation. In this course, you'll learn a step-by-step, reusable framework for delegating tasks effectively.

You'll also learn how to avoid micromanaging and how to create delegatable tasks. By the end of the course, you'll be an expert at delegation!

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Mastering Feedback

Learn how to give constructive critical feedback in any situation without making the other person feel attacked or defensive. You'll learn how to receive criticism gracefully so that you can correct your mistakes instead of getting defensive about them. Build trust with others by learning how to be more open minded when they provide their opinions on what you're doing right (or wrong). 

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Master Action Plan

Self-help meets online course curriculum in an explosion of resources for your most ambitious goals. This is not just about achieving more; this is about accomplishing things that others only dream of. Most BIG dreams are never pursued. Why is that? Because we never make a plan and execute on it. This course helps you create the plan and gives you the tools to execute!

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